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Higher vitamin D levels linked to lower hypertension risk

Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The results of a meta-analysis that appeared this month in the European Journal of Epidemiology reveal an association between higher vitamin D levels and a lower risk of developing high blood pressure. S. K. Kunutsor of the University of Cambridge and colleagues selected eight articles describing eleven studies for their analysis. Seven studies reported vitamin D status as serum or plasma...

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Studies confirm chiropractic treatment prevents heart attacks and lowers blood pressure

(NaturalNews) The popularity of chiropractic care has grown dramatically since the middle of the 20th century. Although most people seek chiropractic treatment to relieve musculoskeletal pain, certain types of pain may be indicative of the patient experiencing a heart attack just before or during treatment. Chiropractors should expect to have at least one presentation of a myocardial infarction, or heart attack, during their careers, according...

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Chiropractic helps blood pressure – Good Morning America

On March 25, 2008, the ABC morning show, “Good Morning America” aired a segment with Robin Roberts showing how chiropractic helps high blood pressure. The parallel story also appeared on the ABC News website and starts with a profound statement, “Though doctors are unsure of what causes blood pressure to increase, a new study suggests that a specific type of neck adjustment may reduce hypertension...

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